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Discover The Etruscan Coast by Car

If you are spending your holidays in Florence and you feel like leaving the city for a journey far from the crowds, you can hire a car and consider this itinerary that leads to the discovery of the Etruscan Coast.

The Etruscan Coast is the coastal area which extends south until Piombino and it's best covered in two or three days. The road passes through an area of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by woods on one side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other and it is rich in old villages that have never been touched by the hords of tourists. Here below is a list of places you can visit:


This town is famous all over the world for its great wines (Sassicaia for instance) and for its long road of cypresses immortalized by Giosuè Carducci in his poem “Davanti a San Guido”. The historic village of Bolgheri is a little jewel in Tuscany, it has maintained its old ring-shaped structure and there is also a beautiful castle which dates back to the 16th century.

Castagneto Carducci

An enchanting village built around the Gherardesca Castle, rich in paved roads, pretty squares and terraces overlooking the sea and the countryside.


The prettiest medieval village of the Etruscan Coast, immersed in a green landscape among beautiful woods of cork-oaks and chestnut trees. Suvereto has preserved its historical appearance, within its old walls there is a myriad of buildings, churches, paved little roads and medieval workshops in stone that give to the village a unique charm and atmosphere. Suvereto is well known also for its Winter festival in December which include a rich programme of exhibitions, culture, folklore and gourmet specialties revolving around wild boar.


Another medieval village rich in alleys, artisan workshops, museums, shops and restaurants which deserves certainly a visit (don't forget to pay a flying visit to Palazzo Pretorio, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Church of San Giovanni).

San Silvestro Archeo-Mining Park

Located at a short distance from Campiglia, it is an amazing outdoor museum preserving unique remains of the mining and metal working activity from the Etruscan times to the present.

Venturina hot springs

A pretty thermal lake open almost all year, from morning until night, the water here gushes out at a temperature of 36°C.


The most powerful Etruscan center which declined with the rise of the Roman Empire. Populonia now sits at the top of a hill surrounded by the sea, it has a medieval appearance with defensive walls and a massive fortress which dates back to the 15th century.

Archeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

Immersed in a landscape of rare beauty, this park offers an extraordinary view of the history of this important Etruscan city. Here you can visit the remains of the buildings in the old industrial part of the city and the ancient necropolises, with wonderful examples of monumental tombs. Lastly, there is a beautiful route which crosses the woods and leads to the Grotte necropolis, some ancient Etruscan caves of the Hellenistic period which were converted into a burial area.

The Etruscan coast deserves a visit in every season, in the summertime of course you can take advantage of its closeness to the sea and decide to do more stops down the road, in search of your favourite beach. However, this area is fascinating under all circumstances, probably one of the best places to organize every kind of Tuscany tour.

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