8 October 2012 Caterina Pomini 7344

Monte Oliveto Maggiore and the Enchanting Village of Chiusure

The amazing complex of Monte Oliveto Maggiore is located in a century-old forest and precisely in Chiusure, about 38 km from Siena, 80 from San Gimignano and 10 from Asciano; it was founded in 1313 and overtops the striking world-famous landscape of the Crete Senesi.

The approval for the building of the Monastery came with the “Charta fundationis” by the Bishop of Arezzo; the construction began in 1320 and was completed in 1526, although the buildings were modified during the Renaissance and the Baroque period. A square tower with a drawbridge was erected at the entrance of the Abbey to protect the entire complex from possible attacks; the courtyard opens onto a wide avenue of cypresses leading to the impressively austere late-gothic Church (1399-1417). Monte Oliveto Maggiore has three cloisters, a chapter house, a refectory and a big library, it is the seat of the Abbot general of the Congregation of the same name and preserves frescoes of great interest; the monks still produce herbal healing potions, tasty liqueurs and ceramics, however, most people are attracted by their famous Gregorian chants.


Just 1 km away from Monte Oliveto Maggiore stands the little village of Chiusure, a place really worth visiting. By entering the old village gate visitors will have the opportunity to walk up and down striking tiny streets surrounded by beautiful brick buildings. Everywhere is the colour of the brick and the green's hills only interrupted by the white of the badlands.

Are you planning a vacation in Tuscany? Monte Oliveto Maggiore and Chiusure are just a couple of astonishing attractions making up the heritage of this wonderful region.
Take a San Gimignano tour, visit Siena or the wild beaches of Maremma... You will fall in love and never come back!

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